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Without Trust,
Life is Not Worth Living

-- Confucius

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Building a World
You Can Trust

System of Trust, LLC presents Trusted to Lead Workshops for Executives & Managers who want to create an extraordinary difference

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Robert Porter Lynch has been a passionate champion for unlocking the power of collaboration, innovation, and trust.

Twenty five years ago he was deeply distressed that all-too-often distrust -- based on the premise that “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours in negotiable” -- poisoned many of our business relationships, especially between customers and suppliers.

Leading the emerging strategic alliance trend, he foresaw that building cooperation between businesses could be a powerful mechanism to change the very nature of business. His vision was that enormous competitive advantage could be created by collaboration with trusted partners to generate streams of continuous innovation. This would not only generates more successful businesses, but, as a side effect, give new meaning and purpose to work and life itself.

The Bottom Line: Based on his “Architecture of Alliance Best Practices,” thousands of alliances across the globe have been successfully launched using Robert Porter Lynch’s methods and insights.

He has put this same commitment, insight, and discipline into the “Architecture of Trust.”

During one of the Trust Workshop sessions you will gain access to the secrets of the “collaboration code” as he highlights the Top Best Practices that can transform your business, your profitability, and your personal mission.


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