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Without Trust,
Life is Not Worth Living

-- Confucius

Trusted to Lead ®

Building a World
You Can Trust

System of Trust, LLC presents Trusted to Lead Workshops for Executives & Managers who want to create an extraordinary difference

Feedback from a few of our Trusted to Lead Workshops

  • Our executive team is giving this top priority because it works
     – Senior Vice President
  • Our team can't stop talking about it -- having a profound effect
     – Senior Director
  • Others books tell us why trust is important, this tells us how to make it stick
    – Retired CEO
  • The most compelling and insightful framework about trust yet
    – Business School Professor
  • If I’d had this earlier in my career, it would have saved me millions of dollars
    – Senior Executive
  • Thank you for explaining what had always been a mystery to me
    – Senior Director
  • My whole team is reading this, and we're being reenergized
    – Innovation Team Leader
  • How could we have missed this! It seems so obvious now that you've explained it so clearly
    – Senior Executive
  • Should be required reading for every MBA
    – Business School Professor
  • This looks like the next major step past win-win thinking
    – Senior Mediator
  • You must come back to present this to our senior executive team; it’ll make a major difference in the way they think and act
    – Senior Director of Government
  • I’m printing the Trust Spectrum in super-size and posting it behind my desk. Anyone who comes in and acts “below the belt” must turn around and leave.
    – High Ranking Federal Official
  • This is the most practical & useable approach we’ve used. Can’t wait to see the whole book.
    – Supply Chain Director
  • Not only is our team using this every day; I took it home and discussed with my wife and kids. Our lives are being shifted by the approach.
    – Director of Non-Profit Organization
  • The bad news is: I now see why our organization is so dysfunctional. The good news is: I now know exactly what I need to do to fix it!
    – Senior Vice President
  • Fabulous, this gave me insight into how I will withstand the onslaught of distrustful disruptions in my life
    – Senior Account Manager
  • The Trust Workshop was truly a life-changing epiphany for me. It was awesome; and actual much more simple than I imagined. You made trust so easy to embrace. Thank you many times over!
    – Senior Account Manager
  • I got four big take-aways from this:
     First, I know understand why trust has broken down so many times,
      and the role I inadvertently played.
     Second, I feel empowered to take the right corrective action.
     Third, I realize I can reclaim my birthright to trust – and that’s so inspiring.
     And last, I won’t be naive and trust like a blind fool.
    – Senior Account Manager
  • This session allowed me to address trust very early on in a relationship without the risk of letting the discussion get out of hand because it got to be too personal
    – Alliance Manager, Nationwide Insurance
  • We can now raise the trust issue without the fear that someone might go ballistic. – Alliance Manager
  • Too often people complicate things and make it difficult to talk about it. You have simplified this issue without dumbing it down.
    – Director, Nationwide Insurance
  • Awesome – unquestionably the best session of our entire Summit.
    – President, Sentinel Security
  • This approach to trust is a perfect example of Oliver Wendell Holmes’ quote: "I wouldn't give a fig for the simplicity on the near side of complexity; I’d give my right arm for simplicity on the far side of complexity"
    – Management Consultant, ProPartnering
  • Exhilarating and Inspiring, this is the next breakthrough in alliances and human relationships
    – Alliance Director, Hitachi
  • An eye-opener that has application beyond alliances. This could be very helpful to marriage counselors
    – Procurement Manager, USAA Insurance
  • This was terrific – you really hit a home run on this
    – Alliance Manager, Walt Disney Corporation


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