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Without Trust,
Life is Not Worth Living

-- Confucius

Trusted to Lead ®

Building a World
You Can Trust

System of Trust, LLC presents Trusted to Lead Workshops for Executives & Managers who want to create an extraordinary difference

More Feedback from our Trusted to Lead Workshops

  • Thank you very much for the wonderful session. Everyone in the room walked away with renewed optimism and pumped up.
    -- Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • You had great impact!
    -- Alliance Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • Right On Target! Very Informative and Useful
    -- Legal Council, Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • Both educational and inspiring
    -- Alliance Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • We have been receiving significant praise of your session. I presented our Forum summary to our last week in Washington, D. C. Many of our Senior Execs are now using your Trust framework. I appreciate helping us bring ‘world class’ within our means. As far as investments, I wish I got as much out of my 401k as I got out of your insights.
    -- Senior Supply Chain Executive, Defense Contractor
  • We all would have enjoyed a full week of absorbing information from your vault of knowledge and experience.  [Though I believe we would all then need a week’s vacation to recover as well :)!! ] 

    I’ve seen my share of presenters over the years who succeeded in delivering content, making a difference, and providing a learned point of view of the subject matter.  I’ve never felt more compelled however, by one person’s passion for the content’s scope, and their “call-to-arms” approach to the peripherals that support the content: how we carry ourselves as humans in general. 

    You likely didn’t get to your position/reputation in life without receiving your share of testimonials.  That doesn’t mean they should stop being sent.  Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    -- John Countey, Business Manager, Daymon Worldwide (Global Foods Company)
  • Robert: Thank you ever so much for all that you taught me, you will never know how much you have given me both personally and professionally.

    I, along many of the other participants found your program very helpful, informative and transferable to our work place. You were absolutely fabulous and the best I have had, recognizing that I have been fortunate to go through two prior training programs with the University of Alberta.

    Thank you ever so much for instructing us this very important topic. I have communicated to the program coordinators how impressed I was with your enthusiasm, interaction, and deep knowledge. You received rave reviews from all with whom I spoke.

    Some of the new tools and skills I gained from this program I have already incorporated into my region and will continue to do so as I go along. I am more grateful than what I can tell you, but believe me this is a “good news” item which has been a life changing experience. It would be nice to have you back soon again if possible.  Thank you!
    -- Cindy Caudron, Regional Manager, Probation Services, Corrections Division, Department of Justice, GNWT
  • Robert: Thank you so much for your wonderful Trusted to Lead & Innovate workshop for us! It was so well received. Our team would like you to do another session for our branch when you are next in Edmonton.

    Thanks again Robert - you are always so inspiring! I really got so much out of the session - as did everyone else!
    -- Lori Schmidt, Senior Director, Productivity Alberta, Alberta Finance & Enterprise

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