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Without Trust,
Life is Not Worth Living

-- Confucius

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You Can Trust

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  • Robert Porter Lynch’s work on the Architecture of Trust is simply brilliant. It is unquestionably the first breakthrough on trust I've seen in this field in my fifty years in the business arena. And it may be the first breakthrough since the Greeks started thinking about this 2500 years ago.
    -- David N. Burt, Chairman Emeritus, Supply Chain Management Institute, University of San Diego
  • Lawrence & Lynch have discovered the missing code on Trust. Despite my initial skepticism ("Oh no, not trust again!) this new approach to trust is exceptional. There's an important difference between subject matter experts and real groundbreaking thinkers; they're definitely the latter.  -- Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D. Author, The Adversity Advantage and Adversity Quotient, CEO, PEAK Learning, Inc.
  • Robert Porter Lynch’s Architecture of Trust is unparalleled -- a tour de force. Paul Lawrence’s “Leadership Compass” - a simple model of human motivations - is the best I’ve come across in a 30-year career.   For me this is sort of a “grand unifying theory” that finally makes sense of all of the successes and failures I’ve seen in human interactions over the years in one-to-one relationships, projects, teams, companies, industries, and yes even whole cultures.  What I love in particular is that the model is both diagnostic and prescriptive -- the source of dysfunction and misalignment is revealed, and what to do about it becomes obvious.

    I believe that your synthesis of Paul Lawrence’s “Leadership Compass” model and your “Trust Ladder” model is also revolutionary -- the fit is perfect, and the Trust Ladder extends Dr. Lawrence’s model to include the gradients of impact from the misalignment of players with different (or in some cases even the same!) position on the Leadership Compass.

     Kudos! Truly groundbreaking stuff, and if the models spread to enough folks, perhaps this combined model will chart a way forward for both our business endeavors and our culture as a whole.
    --Tom Halle, CSAP | Strategic Alliance Advisor
  • Robert Porter Lynch is the grandfather of alliance best practices. He single-handedly started the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals and continues to share alliance best practices with many hundreds of alliance executives to this day.

    He helped me personally get started in this area and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude. If you are ever lucky enough to be invited to one of his seminars then grab it! It will be the best alliance time you have ever spent.

    Robert - Thanks a million for all the help and support you gave me when I started out and you continue to offer.
    --Mike Nevin, Alliance Best Practices, U.K.
  • I recently attended the Innovation & Trust Course work at Daymon University.

    In listening to comments from the group after your portion of the content, I know we all would have enjoyed a full week of absorbing information from your vault of knowledge and experience. (Though I believe we would all then need a week’s vacation to recover as well). I’ve seen my share of presenters over the years who succeeded in delivering content, making a difference, and providing a learned point of view of the subject matter. I’ve never felt more compelled however, by one person’s passion for the content’s scope, and their “call-to-arms” approach to the peripherals that support the content: how we carry ourselves as humans in general.

    You likely didn’t get to your position/reputation in life without receiving your share of testimonials. That doesn’t mean they should stop being sent. Thanks so much for the inspiration. From that session, I’m looking to make a difference within Daymon’s scope on the short term. I’m also working on framing the dream and destiny that will give me the drive to finish an organization leadership curriculum I started years ago. Inspiring, thank you.
    -- John Countey , Business Manager, Daymon Worldwide
  • Don’t go to any of Robert Porter Lynch’s workshops unless you are willing to have your old paradigm about how the world really works turned inside out. He cuts through all the complexity, ambiguity, and nonsense to get right to the heart of the issues.

    What’s more, his approach is just as powerful at the strategic level as it is with interpersonal relationships. Our organization has benefited enormously from his insights into trust, strategic alliances, and collaborative innovation.
    -- James D. Reeds, CEO, Rural Telemedicine Foundation


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