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Without Trust,
Life is Not Worth Living

-- Confucius

Trusted to Lead ®

Building a World
You Can Trust

System of Trust, LLC presents Trusted to Lead Workshops for Executives & Managers who want to create an extraordinary difference


Trusted to Lead
Building a System of Trust
Workshop for Senior Executives & Organizational Managers

Schedule of Upcoming Workshops
Note: Workshops for Private Clients are not announced
 nor are they open to the public

San Diego    March 30, 2011
        Supply Chain Workshop

Brisbane & Sidney   March 31, 2011
       Webinar -- Trusted to Lead

St. Louis      May 5, 2011
        Trust Workshop at Great Game of Business

Orlando       May 11, 2011
        Trust Workshop for P2P

Edmonton      May 16-17
          Supply Chain Workshop

New Jersey Spring, 2011
   (location and date to be announced)

Vancouver  Summer, 2011
(downtown, date to be announced)

Warsaw    Fall, 2011
(details to be announced)

What Benefits Can I Expect?
  During this Workshop you will:

  • Discover the Economic Costs of Distrust and the real value of Trust
  • Understand how Four Forces Drive All Of Human Behavior,
    and how these forces can either destroy or build trust
  • Identify the Primary Causes Of Distrust,
    and the Seven Typical Trust “Busters” that can be prevented or eliminated
  • Become attuned to Why Mission Statements, Values, & Ethics have a Limited Impact on building trust,
    and instead what is highly effective
  • Be able to Recognize People that will either be highly capable of sustaining trust,
    or will destroy it time and again
  • Engage the Legal Team in a way that, instead of destroying trust,
    will enhance your trust building and alliance capability
  • Learn the Early Warning Signals that will enable you to foresee trust problems before they escalate
    and specific intervention methods to rebuild Trust.
  • Apply the Twelve Actions that reliably Build Trust
  • Accelerate the Speed of Innovation of that can be produced by trust

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  • Trusted to Innovate
  • Trusted to Sell
  • Trusted to Negotiate

Topics will be Covered in a Trusted to Lead Workshop...

Why is this Workshop Important?

  • Most organizations rely heavily on collaboration – within teams, across functional units, or in alliances -- as a means of producing results at multiple levels in their organizations.
  • Trust is essential because it is the foundation of all collaborative enterprise.
  • Having strong trust can create a 25% competitive advantage.
  • However, for most managers, Trust is “mysterious,” often referred to as “chemistry.” This has been a “soft” aspect of management, filled with conflicting advice, platitudes, and seemingly vague or fuzzy methods and processes.
  • Years of in-depth work in building, managing, and repairing collaborative ventures has culminated in an Architecture of Trust that will produce highly effective internal and cross-boundary relationships.
  • This breakthrough architecture can be systematically implemented replicated, diagnosed, and taught to executives, technical people, and staff personnel, to produce consistent results.

Who should Attend?

This Workshop has been extremely valuable to:

    • Senior Executives and Boards of Directors
    • Team, Project, and Organizational Leaders
    • Strategic Alliance and Merger & Acquisition Professionals
    • Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals
    • Licensing, Negotiations and Contract Managers
    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Cross-boundary Innovation Teams

Workshop Leader:

Robert Porter Lynch is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of strategic alliances and collaborative innovation. Using these unique experiences, he and his team of professionals have discovered many heretofore unpublicized frameworks, processes, best practices, and insights that produce remarkable results.

He has written several of the seminal books on collaboration and alliances. More than 30,000 senior level executives and managers have attended his workshops and coaching sessions.

He has consulted internationally for a wide variety of Fortune 500 corporate clients in the high tech, pharmaceutical, energy, and consumer products industries, as well as with many small businesses, not-for-profits, and government agencies.

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